5 Steps to Mastering Your Intuition

5 Steps to Mastering Your Intuition

Mastering your intuition helps you to:
A. Clear your patterns
B. Give you the easiest and shortest pathway
C. Helps with relationships, communications, health, decisions, path selections, and more.

1. Always Be Connected (ABC)

Connect to light 300 feet above.

Allow the light onto your head and into your eyes, opening and awaking you, so that you can see the truth.
Allow the light in come into your ears, opening and awakening you, so you can HEAR your true guidance.
What would it take to allow the light into your throat, so that you can speak truth? Speak from a connected place.
Allow the light to come into your heart, so that you can FEEL truth.

Continue allowing the light down your shoulders, chest, hips, legs, and feet. Download total awareness and understanding.
What would it take to operate from the energy of awareness, connection (which is freedom)?
Now allow the light to go down into the middle of the earth and when you feel a happy place you are there. Then bounce the energy back up into your heart. You are now connected from above and below.
Allow this energy to expand out like a big bubble of love 360 degrees all around you. Feeling you to the brim with love and peace and happiness and infiniteness.
Then continue to expand your energy bigger than the room you are in, the state you are in, the country you are on. And finally expand your energy past the planet.

You will see that you can keep expanding your light. This is truth of who you are. You’re a soul in a body. An infinite being in a body choosing to have this human experience.

Before doing this expansion, from 1 to 10 how did you feel? After expanding your energy from 1 to 10, how do you feel? The average person jumps about 3 or more points. You can do this technique anytime and start living an expanded life.

2. Ask Qualifying Questions

Ask qualifying questions for your situation. For example, if you are asking questions about someone you are considering for a partner that has good intentions and morals, then here are suggestions for questions:

  • Are they monogamous?
  • Do they have an open heart? Or are they closed in their heart?
  • How can I better communicate with this person?
  • Will they have their best interest for you?
  • Are they actually a caring loving person?
  • If they found a $100 dollars in a wallet, would they return or keep the money?

By asking qualifying questions using your intuition, you can avoid unwanted situations and target more satisfying experiences.

People in relationships, have engaged their intuition to guide them to a better relationship, clearing patterns, and improving communication.

3. Get Truth!

Use the ABC, ask qualifying questions, and get the truth for you.

4. Trust Truth!

After getting the truth, trust the truth.

5. Take Action on Truth!

Once you get the truth, take action on the truth.