Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop – Drunvalo Melchizedek

Come remember your essence, release old patterns, open to new changes in Life. Ascension technologies, pineal/heart connection, and MerKaBa activation.


Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop w/ Jason Hunt


Annex – North

Start Time

11/1/2018 9:00 AM

End Time

11/4/2018 6:00 PM

All Day Event


Event Price

$444—Full Four Days
$111—Deposit to Secure Your ReservationOur days will start at 9 am and go until 6 pm each day, with breaks for lunch and snacks.
For more information, please contact Jason Hunt at email address: waterprana555@gmail.comPhone # (828) 575-3003

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Awakening The Illuminated Heart with Jason Hunt

Come remember your essence, release old patterns, open to new changes in Life. Ascension technologies, pineal/heart connection, and MerKaBa activation.

This workshop is the result of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s work and his life’s accumulation of more than 40 years of knowledge and experience.

In this workshop we learn:

•          Heart and Brain connection,

•          How to enter the Sacred Space of the Heart and the Tiny Space of the Heart

•          How to fully open the third eye

•          Creating from the Tiny Space of the Heart and more


“Being in love, not in fear, is the primary key to higher consciousness.

It is the Heart that contains the original instructions of life,
and when the Heart is again in control of a persons life,
Life responds with joy and power.” Drunvalo Melchizedek

This 4-day transformative intensive workshop is one of the most authentic and sacred ancient teaching offered. It is a combination of scientific knowledge and ancient spiritual knowledge with practices.

The course curriculum is exactly what Drunvalo teaches in his ATIH classes.The workshop takes you through different exercises and practices, giving you the tools to shift your awareness from the polarized brain, where most of us reside, into the purity and unity of your heart. You will find your way into your heart and discover a world as real as the outer world, but more ancient and primal.

You will experience an important activation of the pineal gland. You will also activate your Mer-Ka-Ba (your personal energy field) through the heart and remember how to create a new reality in Unity Consciousness from your heart as opposed to from your mind.

© You will release old limiting belief patterns and emotional traumas, blockages and stress.

© You will be learning and practice how to produce alpha waves and utilize technology that will enable you to work through the Pineal Gland/Third Eye to connect the heart to the brain.

© You will learn about your Mer-Ka-Ba (ancient light body or electro-magnetic field) from both a spiritual and a scientific point of view. You will activate your Mer-Ka-Ba in a new way that is natural, permanent, complete and connected directly to the infinite love and unity that is in your heart.

© You will learn and practice how to create from Nothingness using imagery, subtle energy and the electro-magnetic field around your body.

© You will experience the White Tantric Tibetan exercise, dancing in darkness and moving within your bodies; Blessing Sufi Dance and Unity Breath Meditation; which will all help to open your heart. You will also be working with imagery, balancing the polarities in each side of the body, and so much more!

We do individual and group exercises to help clear old patterns and open our lives to healing. The activating of our MerKaBa light body happens easily and naturally and is permanent upon its opening. By participating in this workshop our very connection to life will begin to unfold in new and uplifting ways. From within our heart we move from duality into unity. Creating, communicating, and living from the heart is known throughout our indigenous populations, from the ancient cultures all around the globe, and is now being remembered in our times. We are being invited to be a blessing to Mother Earth, Her children, and All Life. We only have to remember.

The ATIH Workshop will provide you with everything needed to enter your Heart and create the life that you desire from only Love. To support this process parts of the workshop are completely dedicated to healing including a beautiful group Healing Ceremony. During the following days you will be guided to activate your Beams of Light and opening of your 3rd eye which will generate a Halo around your Head. This activation will increase and develop your psychic abilities. As the final result of this workshop, your natural Mer-Ka-Ba which is your Light Body will activate from your Heart and become immediately permanent. The workshop encompasses all that you need for Ascension which is necessary to shift into higher levels of consciousness.

Drunvalo Melchizedek
Outline of the Workshop
•          Drunvalo Melchizedek’s School of Remembering
•          The difference between Love & Fear Meditations
•          The Blue School of Claudette Melchizedek
•          Healing Your Emotional Trauma Meditation
•          Pyramid Healing Meditation
•          Unity Breath Meditation
•          Sacred Space and Tiny Space of the Heart Meditation
•          Blessing Dance Meditation
•          Creating from the Brain and Creating from the Heart
•          Beams of Light Activation
•          Opening the Third Eye and the Human Halo
•          Activation of your Mer-Ka-Ba, the Human Light Body
•          Programming your Mer-Ka-Ba and Creating an External

Benefits of the Workshop
•          Learn to Create from the Heart (not from the brain where there is always a negative effect)
•          Activation of the Human Light Body (Mer-Ka-Ba) and programming of the Mer-Ka-Ba to keep out any   unwanted disruptive energies
•          Opening of the 3rd Eye increasing Psychic awareness and abilities
•          Learn to move your Spirit from your brain into your Heart and shift the lens in which you view life through
•          Understanding Polarity, Fear and Unconditional Love
•          Connect with Mother Earth and Father Sun
•          Healing of Emotional Traumas

It is helpful in preparation for this workshop but not a pre-requisite that you read Drunvalo’s first three books. “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” volume 1 and 2 and “Living in the Heart”. You can also watch Spirit Science (it’s an anime and 31 episodes) on YouTube which is an accumulation of Dru’s books and is only about four hours long, it will bring you up to speed. It is not expected that you have practiced any meditation from the books or that you have a spiritual practice of any kind before attending, only your willingness to learn with an open heart and mind. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Workshop Schedule (it is mandatory you attend all three days unless you are a returning student and in that case contact me to discuss your attendance)

To apply for this workshop:
–First register online with The School Of Remembering ($15 membership fee).
–Next register for this Atlanta, Ga. workshop on the SOR website.
–When you’ve registered for our Atlanta workshop, I will receive an email with your information. I will contact you at that point about payment for the class, and you can send me your deposit ($111) to hold your place, or full payment ($444), before registration closes. Or complete the payment online here.

Jason Hunt is one of nearly 250 people certified world-wide in the School of Remembering® to teach the Awakening the Illuminated Heart® workshop. Jason came to Drunvalo Melchizedek’s work in 1994, and to his direct workshops in 1997. He is a long time practitioner of Ashtanga yoga, Kriya yoga initiate, Inayati Sufi Order initiate, and third degree Reiki practitioner and teacher.

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