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5 Steps to Mastering Your Intuition

Mastering your intuition helps you to:A. Clear your patternsB. Give you the easiest and shortest pathwayC. Helps with relationships, communications, health, decisions, path selections, and more. 1. Always Be Connected (ABC) Connect to light 300 feet above. Allow the light onto your head and into your eyes, opening and awaking you, so that you can…
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Unleash Your Psychic Powers

In the next Live Online Meditation session, we will explore “Unleash Your Psychic Powers”. Sunday April 5th 1PM ESTOnline Participation: Are you looking for ways to improve your life? Would you like to … – Join group meditations– Discuss and share topics– Develop consciousness skills– Become spiritually enlightened– Increase your motivation– Discover your life purpose–…
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Mastery Empowerment Course

Past Life Regression / Age Progression / Time Travel group session with Dr. Bruce Goldberg SUNDAY, APRIL 19 12PM PT / 1PM MT / 2PM CT / 3PM ET $33Learn More and Register

Unlock Your Abundance

Heal Your Past. Clear Your Blocks. And Turn 2020 Into Your Most Abundant Year Yet. Discover guided meditation for positive energy in Christie Marie Sheldon’s FREE masterclass ? Learn More Every day, we have an abundance of things that we have to accomplish. From getting work, family, and finances into order, we invest all…
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Alchemy Energy Harmonics

Discover“Alchemy Energy Harmonics” Workshop Alchemy Energy Harmonics advanced energy healing workshop prepares practitioners for: Chakra Clearing & Alignment Advanced Pain Healing Trauma & Emotional Release Re-Programming of Bio-System Attachment/Entity Clearing Past Life Clearing Increase Frequencies Embrace Quantum Physics Scalar Energy Vibrations  As an Integration Therapist and Advanced Energy Healer, Dr. Todd uses a variety of…
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Mindfulness Meditation Strategies for Personal Growth

Mindfulness Meditation Strategies for Personal Growth from IntraAwareness on Vimeo. This course is designed to help you become even more connected and aware of all the resources you have, because you do have all the resources you need within you! Exploring deep within your inner world will cause both subtle and major shifts in your…
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Consciousness and The Brain – Intuition Course

Intuition 1 Course – Consciousness and The Brain by Penny Kelly Although many people are not sure whether intuition is “real,” this is usually because they do not know how consciousness works, or when and how to use it. This class introduces you to the various forms of intelligence, brain structure and function, the frequencies of consciousness,…
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Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop – Drunvalo Melchizedek

Come remember your essence, release old patterns, open to new changes in Life. Ascension technologies, pineal/heart connection, and MerKaBa activation. Title Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop w/ Jason Hunt Location Annex – North Start Time 11/1/2018 9:00 AM End Time 11/4/2018 6:00 PM All Day Event Yes Event Price $444—Full Four Days $111—Deposit to Secure…
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