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5 Steps to Mastering Your Intuition

Mastering your intuition helps you to:A. Clear your patternsB. Give you the easiest and shortest pathwayC. Helps with relationships, communications, health, decisions, path selections, and more. 1. Always Be Connected (ABC) Connect to light 300 feet above. Allow the light onto your head and into your eyes, opening and awaking you, so that you can…
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10 Christie Marie Sheldon Quotes

Christie Marie Sheldon has changed many people’s lives for the better by helping them move towards more happiness and more abundance. She has one of the most popular courses on MindValley, called Unlimited Abundance, which helps people clear out the blocks holding them back from manifesting the life that they want. I’ve taken the course and…
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The Quantum Shift Radio Show

Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn and The Quantum Shift is a weekly gateway to a higher consciousness. According to the Quantum Shift radio show…“what if we told you nothings is as it seems. That the earth is moving from a 3D Reality into a 5D consciousness of enlightenment. That sounds crazy, but it isn’t.” Lots…
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