Unlock Your Abundance

Unlock Your Abundance

Heal Your Past. Clear Your Blocks. And Turn 2020 Into Your Most Abundant Year Yet.

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Every day, we have an abundance of things that we have to accomplish. From getting work, family, and finances into order, we invest all of our energy into these things in order to find a balance. But what happens when you don’t find that balance? You become frustrated and everything seems to suffer. But there is help. Today one of the world’s leading energy healers, Christie Marie Sheldon, talks about the benefits of abundance meditation on your health. Through Christie Marie Sheldon’s guided meditation, she helps you incorporate your very own abundance affirmations to get you to where you want to be in life .

********** In this video, Christie Marie Sheldon explains why practicing abundance meditation removes the abundance blocks that have been holding you back from improving your health.


04:13 How could working on abundance blocks affects people physically
06:22 How to Create a Reality
08:04 Looking into patterns that create abundance blocks
10:19 Exercise that help you find and delete a pattern
14:29 Guided Meditation to find that root thing of a pattern
28:00 Patterns that people found that they were not expecting

********* Along with abundance meditation, reciting abundance affirmations can alter your money mindset to help you achieve financial independence. When you incorporate guided meditation for positive energy, you release past trauma and bad habits out of your life. Those who practice abundance meditation on a regular basis, report better health and an improved sense of quality of life. Want to become healthier with abundance meditation? No sweat. How about a balanced approach to your career, family, and finances? Check out how you can have it all in Christie’s FREE Masterclass ? https://go.mindvalley.com/6FeZmbsm ABOUT CHRISTIE MARIE SHELDON Christie Marie Sheldon is an intuitive energy healer, author, and master facilitator for clearing blocks to financial abundance. With the guidance of one of the world’s experts on healing frequencies for the body, she believes when you remove abundance blocks that have held you back throughout life. Your mind, body, and spirit experiences healing.