Our calling is to …
Awaken, Elevate, and Expand
the Consciousness of Humanity.

We provide opportunities for mindful meditation gatherings, consciousness exploration, self hypnosis journeys, workshops, events, and individual private sessions.

Let us be your guide to assist you in exploring and developing new skills to expand your consciousness, raise your vibration, and custom design your own destiny.

Vibrations are measured in the scale below. Higher vibrations are illustrated with Love, Joy, Peace, and Enlightenment.

To quote Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Once the soul has raised it’s vibration, it can not be lowered!

The purpose and main goal at Awaken Change is to assist individuals with the above process, help them to raise their vibration, and guide them into a path to create their own destiny and life experiences.

As Penny Kelly quotes, “Events in our country are approaching a climax and it is a good idea to spend a few moments now and then immersing yourself in your feelings about what you want to happen.”

Not your fears about what you don’t want!

As she further states, “Feeling is the key to change. ‘Thought’ either supports feeling or contradicts and denies it. When you can marry feeling, thought, and intent into one moment of power…stuff happens!!”